How to Make Your Plants Bigger w/ Pure Protien Dry

Everyone with any experience knows that Nitrogen is what makes plants get bigger in vegetative state. But what type of nitrogen is best feed to your plants?

As you know I am a big fan of organic products. “Pure Protein Dry” is a great spray-on fertilizer for a few reasons:

1. You can’t over fertilize. As long as you just spray them twice a week, you should see some serious gain.

2. You can see the difference in a couple hours after spraying. This lets you know that the fertilizer is working.

3. You can water in small amounts as well for even more growth.

Over all this product is awesome. Check out my video review at:




Grow Bags VERSUS The Earth

Grow Bags VERSUS The Earth: Everyone’s got a different opinion on this. In fact everyone has a different opinion about everything, as you well know if you read the comments on my YouTube videos.

So I decided to do a test to use facts instead of opinion. I planted one plant in the earth and one plant in a 20 gallon grow container. A month later the plant in the ground is 3 times bigger than the one in the pot.

Check out the video link:

Growing Cannabis in Clay Soil: Video

Growing Cannabis in Clay Soil is awesome. Screw what your friends say. My friend told me that I couldn’t grow in my backyard, the clay soil was just too thick…….. Bull.

Now it’s late July and none of his plants compare to my Queen. Check her out in the video below.

Just remember that cannabis is a weed and will try it’s damnedest to grow in the conditions you provide. Clay is not bad as long as you dig a big hole and amend it with some composted rice hulls and NPK fertilizer.

Anyways, here’s the link:

Increase Cannabis Growth With A Stick

Increase Cannabis Growth With A Stick

Some people pour chemical synthetic nitrogen into their plants to make them grow tall, I just put a stick next to the organic cannabis plant.

This old fashion technique threatens the plant by making it think it now has to compete for sun light. Your lady will grow taller in hopes of beating the stick. No chemicals needed. I would add some organic nitrogen monthly though.

Why Organic?

Picture a toothless Hill Billy standing in a small grow room dressed from head to toe in hazmat gear. Even this guy who eats his won boogies doesn’t want to breathe in what he’s about to spray on his weed. Pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, you name it. Anything to keep that yield high baby. Unfortunately that kind of growing is extremely unhealthy for the consumer.

There is no agency or organization that regulates the cultivation of marijuana to keep the consumer safe.

By simply growing your own organic pot, you can greatly decrease your risk of getting diseases like cancer. In fact, your diet should include mostly organic food. It’s pretty scary what our government allows to be sprayed on our food.

ORGANIC DOES NOT MEAN SMALL YIELDS. That’s what this website is here for. You will receive all the top quality info on how to grow high yield and super dank organic buds.

Besides, organic buds are known to taste better and will impress you more than a high yield of steroid filled flowers.

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